Wings Over Waxhaw is a not-for-profit corporation, created for the purpose of promoting General Aviation.  At present the club owns one Cessna 172, N6035R.  

3-5-Romeo currently has basic Nav and Com radios only, but we are planning to upgrade the panel with new radios, and a VFR-only GPS.  The current rental rate is $100/hr* wet.

* $10/hr discounts in flight rental is available for volunteer service

The club airplane operates from N52, JAARS-Townsend Airport, near Waxhaw, North Carolina.  If you are interested in joining the club, or just learning more, you may Contact Us anytime.

The club itself does not offer training.  We do not employ instructors.  However, we do have a few members who are CFIs and can offer training using the club airplanes.  In order to fly the planes as a student, you must be a member of the club, in good standing, and have a club check-out ride in the plane you want to fly.  Any arrangement you have with an instructor is between you and your instructor, and is not related to the club.  However, your instructor must be a club member, for insurance purposes.

Meetings are held at 6:30 PM on the 2nd Monday of each month, in the basement classroom of the Aviation building, across from the main hanger at;

7705 JAARS Rd.
Waxhaw, NC  28173

Park in the gravel lot behind the brick building.  The door to the classroom is down the concrete steps that face the parking lot.

What’s new?

Added the 2023 Meeting Schedule to Documents.